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Define gay bomb. gay bomb synonyms, gay bomb pronunciation, gay bomb translation, English dictionary definition of gay bomb. a chemical weapon that makes enemy soldiers sexually irresistible to each other; also called love bomb

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While the Gay Bomb project never became perhaps more than a pie in the sky dream of the Wright Lab, it has gained a second lease on life through news media, popular culture and even academia. The

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gay bomb Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) and Cooter Burger (Matthew Broderick) plot to get Jack fired by leading a project known as the Gay Bomb.

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Gay bomb. The "halitosis bomb" and "gay bomb" are informal names for two theoretical non-lethal chemical weapons, which a United States Air Force research laboratory speculated about producing, which involved discharging female sex pheromones over enemy forces in order to make them sexually attracted to each other.

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GayBlade is an action role-playing game in which players explore a dungeon and defeat enemies representing opponents of homosexual rights, including conservative politicians, rednecks, and …

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We know about the "Gay Bomb" because of the Sunshine Projects work – and because it was bizarre and catchy enough to get the medias attention. If it was not terminated before, its doubtful

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In 1994, weapon developers pitched a "gay bomb" to the United States military. It wasnt a bomb which, according to mid-90s slang, was "kinda lame." It was supposed to turn its victims homosexual, the assumption being that enemy soldiers new and instantaneous attraction to one another would supersede the importance of even the most heated battle.

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gay bomb A bomb proposed by the Air Force lab to U.S. military leaders in 1994. The "gay bomb" would contain a chemical that would cause enemy soliders to become gay and find one another sexually irresistable, resulting in the breakdown of their units.

The U.S. Militarys Proposed "Gay" Bomb
It does not make clear from the begining that there was no "gay bomb" or "halitosis bomb" and such things are not even conceptually possible. It is not encyclopedic material, and it is not presented in an encyclopedic manner.

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